Hi. My name is Danilo, nickname Dani – artist, architect, movie addict, fashion enthusiast, graphic designer, lover of all things from pop culture… and the creator of Film Freak Design.   

I've been designing eye-catching posters since 2016 from my home-studio in Montevideo, Uruguay, and shipping them all over the world.

My father is an architect (now retired) and I always knew that I wanted to keep designing things, so I have been working for the construction industry since before I got my degree, in 2009. I would like to think that I made my mark with my obsession with detail and precision in the two companies I worked for and the many buildings I supervised. However, in 2015 I decided to slow down and concentrate my energy on creating a mix between my obsession with cinema and my creative work. 

There was no master plan on the horizon - I just started drawing my alphabet posters in a minimalist style. Then I took it a step further, trying to create something that combined movies and the fabulous wardrobes in them. That same year I sold my very first fashion poster online, receiving incredible feedback from my dear customers and realizing I might be into the right track. In a way that transformed my hobby into a passion.

During all these years, my posters have traveled all over the world, from New York to Siberia and from Singapore to the island of Jersey. What started as a hobby project has become my full time business…. And I still have to pinch myself every now and then to see if it's real!


I really think to this very day that it is a tiny bit magical that you can find something you like among my collection, order it from the comfort of your home and I receive your order at my desk on the other side of the planet. What a fantastic century is the 21st becoming!

And you can be sure that when your order arrives in my inbox (and I'm still thrilled by the Cha-Chin sound from my cell phone!), I am into it 100%.

I work with a global network of print partners (all about shipping here). I've been testing them for years, to ensure consistency of quality and to give you first-rate customer service. And from the moment you place your order to the moment it arrives at your door, I am hands down here for you all the time. You thought my artwork was worth hanging on your walls - this is the least I can do for you.


I always get commissions from my dear customers that need something special to add to their walls. I also been lucky enough to work with Focus Features two times, creating special artwork for the movies Mary, Queen of Scots and Downton Abbey.  

Nevertheless, no customer is too small, no company is too large for me - Just get in touch to collaborate in something awesome!

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